Saturday, December 12, 2009

making a list, checking it twice or until it's RIGHT OR ELSE

i was going thru my christmas list, trying not to buy people the exact same shirt or appliance we had purchased them last year. It occurred to me hbomb has lists now too- in honor of his 4 month old birthday i would like to present them to you

hbombs likes -
1. boobs
2. constant motion
3. 23 16 minute naps spread thru out a 24 hour period
4. ridiculous high pitched voices that finally relieve you of your last shred of dignity
5. the oompa loompa song from the REAL willy wonka film
6. the first 4 minutes of ANY tv show

hbomb dislikes-
1.his swing 2. 'tummy time' 3. the last 26 minutes of ANY tv show 4. his crib 5. any sleeping pattern not associated with being in trench warfare 6. not being stared at constantly 7. his carseat 8. clothes 9. stroller 10. escargot 11. vitamins 12. certain hats 13. socks and all other footwear 14. your normal speaking voice 15. most every song i've ever written (please no need to add anything here) 16. his mom and i having dinner or lunch or even breakfast together 17. going to bed 18. waking up 19. extended direct eye contact 20. your face 21. kids today 22.santa claus 23. the bcs 24. being 'swaddled' 25. the unfortunate but now irrevocable decline of the united states as we totally abandon manufacturing in favor of finance

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  1. just to let you know
    I WILL unfollow you if you still resist posting activity