Monday, March 15, 2010


i swear to you i didn't know this until yesterday , but hbomb was born on august 9th-this was the day in 1945 we dropped the bomb on nagasaki

my wife swears the drs and nurses all commented on this when he arrived but i didn't hear or was too, you know, distracted. So... weird, huh?

i was horribly over served yesterday and just took henry to the dr. today -our pediatrician is a great man but the exam room is the size of a closet and the ceiling is one, giant florescent light. So it feels like you're sitting on the sun -(which reminds me of SNL last week-didn't you think having smash mouth as the monster in your closet was the funniest thing you've seen all year? ) and the temperature in this tiny room was a brisk 92. You know the scene in goodfellas where ray liotta has been up for about 9 days straight and he goes to pick his brother up from the hospital and the dr sees him and is like 'uh what is wrong with you??? come here' This was kinda similar but in a much more PG fashion-we are starting our new record this saturday so i'll be out for awhile -please pray for us that it's not a fiery carwreck of an experience -we'll talk soon

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  1. Wait til your in that little room with a toddler who wants to ride on the little chair across the floor and look into every cabinet and drawer in the room. It makes the 15 or 20 minute wait in there seem like a lifetime!