Monday, November 9, 2009

irobot roomba dog agitator

ok, so you know the tired bit on how we're all supposed to have jetpacks by now, right? well, i guess when i sat down with my box of white and whitman's sampler in front my computer that DOES NOT TAKE DICTATION YET (thanks shatner for leading me astray in so many areas), i was hoping this fantasy was inching closer with the roomba- haven't you always wanted a robot to vacuum your house? or replace you when asked to watch abc's brothers and sisters? if you resemble a gray and silver deep dish pizza, you could get away with it, otherwise you're screwed.

so, i admit it i was a little tipsy during a woot off ( you know about woot?-i was real late on and the irobot roomba is always offered on this site at a great discount. Since i'm not packing up my gear at 230 a.m. anymore and collecting my apple stand money from the club, i need something to do when i'm drinking in the early morning hours.

Sorry, this is a review of the roomba, not some crazy, pathetic rant on my 3 highs and 19099283747 lows in the music biz. If your idea of the future is an electronic bar stool whizzing around your living room and scaring the holy hell out of your dogs but not cleaning up anything worth a damn, then for you, the future is now. The roomba kinda gathers dog hair and whatever else it finds in a little pile and then just leaves it there. Like if you wanted somebody to rake your house into piles of disgusting garbage for you so you could get it later. with a REAL vacuum cleaner. That's about all it really does, and it gets stuck under couches and chairs constantly-it makes this unnerving high pitched revving noise when caught and you feel guilty and responsible and you run and bail out yet another person in your life that's let you down. Your latest piece of buyers remorse also has a feature called 'spot clean' that i must say, is at least, hilarious. When you press 'spot'- the vacuum starts spinning in a tiny circle and then gradually widens its diameter, doing nothing but looking even more drunk than i was when i bought it.

I would say it was almost worth the money just to watch my dogs go totally insane during operation, but i get the same reaction out of them when i chase them around with a broom that was 105 dollars cheaper.

also, don't drink and woot, you'll be sorry -hahaha- i just saw on their site the lead review quote is referencing the jetsons. stupid jetpack bit........

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