Wednesday, November 4, 2009

uppababy vista stroller

the pride and joy of all the baby paraphernalia that caregiver 1 and i have purchased is, for me, this thing- it is expensive, but it comes with a multitude of convertors so he can ride around in it until he's smoking cigarettes. (a quick aside-i have been asked by no less than 4 of my angry 19 readers to start using proper punctuation but it disrupts the flow of projectile diarrhea coming from my brain-but i will try on the next one) Back to the stroller -i'll have to admit, when we first got it, we had one of those cliche, new parenting moments-the car was running, hbomb was screaming, and we were trying to fold it up and go-i could not figure it out and my wife couldn't figure it out and we were just glaring at each other-so's i run back inside the house and get on the uppababy site and there's a handy video for people like me (slack jawed buffoons) and then we were packed up and rolling down to the firestation in no time -the stroller seems sturdier than any gm product i've ever owned and hbomb likes riding around in it most of the time-but man when he doesn't, well sir, you have a real problem on your hands- i guess the only improvement i would suggest is installing some sort of children's tylenol mister up in the top of the bassinet for going to grocery store-is that wrong? when you have ice cream and milk and hbomb starts screaming you need to get to the check out line and i mean yesterday!

the bassinet it comes with is top notch so when figuring in the price, you can feel better about that, too-he sleeps in it quite a bit, so we never got the 'real' one -the 500 dollar one you use for 3 months and then put plants in? yeah, we didn't have to do that-so it's 2 fer tuesday all up in this stroller -plus it just looks cool and manly - i hate to be so concerned with aesthetics at a time of pure survival, but when you're carrying a purse filled with diapers and barf rags it helps balance things out -like i'm carrying a purse but i'll run your ass over with this stroller if you laugh at me-you're empowered again-i want to stress -once you get the hang of folding it up, it's so easy and quick that you forget you have a baby and you're like, what am i doing with this sturdy, strange vehicle on my way to the bar? the seat can be turned facing in our out -so if you want to bond, well then bond away! or if you want him to be able to look out at the terrible world he'll have to eventually face, that's also an option -i keep it turned in for now, that way i can talk badly about you to him-he laughs and laughs and never judges the way i do....

in conclusion, if you can part with a modestly priced weekend getaway, this stroller is a true investment in his future and yours-


  1. Obviously, you realize that one day Henry is gonna read this and then proceed to beat the crap out of you while I assist him. I love the visual you the two of you standing behind the car staring at each other with hateful eyes while Henry cries. Welcome to God's payback!

  2. Okay, that picture of H is just wonderful! :o)

  3. yes he looks so handsome.....i love your blog. :)

  4. He's going to have sweet, sweet payback when you're wheelchair bound -