Tuesday, October 27, 2009

when your favorite band turns into your mom dropping you off at the dance

it's hard to admit when anything you've loved for a long time is over-or become irrelevant, obsolete, stale, outdated, embarrassing, hard to look at, repulsive, nauseating, cringe inducing, clueless, rotten, or in this case, u2 officially turned into the rolling stones of my generation with 'no line on the horizon'-please just play the hits and never ever try and shove those 'new' songs down our throat again live- they were clearly nearing the edge (no pun intended) of the cliff on 'how to dismantle an hbomb' -but you know there were some moments that didn't relegate them to the cover band i now demand they become. Come to think of it, the peak was surely' achtung baby'- 'zooropa' was cool because, damn they made they record WHILE on tour for achtung-that's really a terrible idea and hard to do but they did it and it was quality- then 'pop' came out and they left out an o- and i know people loved 'all you can't leave behind' but maybe because it was around 9-11- we were desperately nostalgic and needed to believe and that record was at least better than pop-plus they put away the bullshit persona and got 'serious' for us, which at the time, again, comfort food-

they've always sounded like they knew what they were doing, even when failing. until now i guess-their snl performance this past month really brought to light of just how totally clueless they look playing these new tunes-like a bunch of old guys in a bar cover band trying out some originals on an angry, drunk crowd-did someone scream 'play some skynrd' in the snl audience cause that would've really worked that night! also please please please somebody tell bono-we fully comprehend the fact that they are 'live' -his constant references in every song to this being
'LIVE ON SATURDAY NIGHT' embarrassed me for them in a way i thought only reserved for my mother when i was in jr high-and bono swinging around on his glowing mic-it reminded me you can get away with ANYTHING if you make a good record or a good movie or whatever, you know- if you do something people love AT THE MOMENT- this is the definition of pop culture, right? i don't care if you've been a band that's done this or that or whatever -get out of my face if what you're selling me sucks- anyway all i'm saying is, don't swing around on pink day glow miley cyrus inspired props (even if playing a good song as 'ultraviolet' during this moment) if your shit sucks- cos you ain't getting away with it if what you're selling is 'get on your boots'

god what an awful, awful song-truly the nadir of a once mighty band-why do they feel the need to try and have a hit? it's so obviously not necessary-we can all agree that music as we knew and loved it is basically over and u2 as a band has admitted it too-so i don't understand why they would make such a desperate attempt at winning over a toxic corpse-it's like selling your soul for winona ryder-it made sense a long time ago but now, not so much-they should just pull out acoustics and do old blues covers or you know smoke pot and 'really branch out' or whatever -they've earned it- new songs like' breathe'-man, again- just so lost sounding -the rapid fire nonsense that bono spits out is ed hardy garish-'i'll go crazy if i don't go crazy tonite'? do i even have to hear this song to know it's bad? no i don't- even though blackberry treats me to it on a regular basis -thanks blackberry, for always freezing up and for using that song! there are hints of good tunes ('magnificent', maybe almost 'moment of surrender') but no cigar, strung out like a guitar etc etc-i missed them on the last tour and the one before that because you know, well i don't want 40 % of the set to be bridges to babylon-although my buddy, JORDAN ROBERTS,that went to the 'no line' show told me bono had a sunglasses tech that night-not a joke-i would have liked to have seen that- and how you get trained for this job? i guess swear up and down that 'get on your boots' is A KILLER SINGLE, MAN!

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  1. I feel you....I hate to admit that U2 is not anywhere near where they used to be and it breaks my heart, and I agree is just plain uncomfortable to watch in embarrassment.
    I was depressed until I read the sunglasses tech comment, so thanks for ending on that note becuase I needed to be able to move on and that gave me the chuckle I needed to do so.