Saturday, October 10, 2009

adiri natural nurser ultimate bottle

these things-they are supposed to trick your baby into thinking he's got the real thing-and i think it backfires because it's TOO close- i notice that when little hbomb nuzzles up to it he couldn't be more excited- then he realizes he's been duped and becomes enraged-my little gift from heaven starts thrashing around like a harpooned great white-Conversely, when offered a regular old run of the mill medela or dr brown nipple, he wolfs it down like that gay rat from charlotte's web in the state fair garbage dump (this is referencing the first animated movie fyi) And this is heartbreaking because my wife and i were like so many of you, wanting all of our baby crap to be 'beautiful' and 'cool' and not ' a terrible eyesore' -so to chunk these works of art into a donation box really hurt. They are beautiful and useless.

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