Tuesday, October 20, 2009

bag balm

i had never heard of this stuff until we saw hbombs personal dr for the first time. He told us it's initial intention was for sore cow's teets but you know people just started smearing it on everything and that he thought it was good for diaper rash. It works great on hbombs exit portal of shame but it also works wonders on my portly jack russell's annual august heat rash. Plus it comes in a old timey tin! Man i really like this stuff -oh a quick aside, the boudreax's butt paste works fairly well too but you have to death grip the tube or it won't come out and NO FANCY OLD TIMEY TIN FROM YESTERYEAR-so clearly bag balm is your winner


  1. two comments here:

    1) posted at 4:35 am? you felt compelled to write about bag balm at 4:35 am? really??
    2) i should have told you about this stuff. it is the greatest for sure. i never used that butt paste stuff b/c the name is disgusting. but bag balm is legit. we must have a peditrician in common or something.

  2. First of all, I love your blog and am sad I am just now learning of it. Secondly, I am proud of you for representin' for the Daddy Bloggers! Thirdly... Ahhhhh Bag Balm! My Dad told me about Bag Balm years ago. But, as I never got over my "I'm too cool to listen to you" teenage phase, I ignored his advice. That is, until Kieran got eczema from living in this confusing climate known as "desert with snow." My doc recommended a lovely cocktail of Bag Balm and lotion, and voila, no more eczema! So: A. Dad was right (and his ol' farm boy characteristics came in handy here), and B. Bag Balm is a magic cube of goodness.

    Happy tushy-time!