Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The First Years - Clean Air Diaper Disposal System

So, i would say i had zero confidence in this thing before we had even dropped one of H BOMB's horrible shot puts of destruction inside it-also as a quick aside, i guess i want to dispel baby myths when i come across them -there is so much baby propaganda out there to wade thru and i would have really loved to have heard the truth -YOU DO MIND CHANGING 'YOUR OWN'S' DIAPERS- yeah you do -you get used to it, yes -but you mind, brother, believe me.....
anyway back to The Worst Years-Clean Air etc etc - we had to take this machine back to nightmares r us (from now on known as NRU) 3 times right out of the box because we couldn't get it to power up-the instructions though brief and in french were useless and i could not get the thing to come on- i couldn't figure out what was wrong with me -i didn't know if it was sleep deprivation (oh yes this baby prop is oh so true-like the casual acquaintance that asks you 'Are ya getting any sleep??' and you want to smash his face in -this is the equivalent of the Texas assface that asks 'is it hot enough for ya????) or just my family heritage of the need to hire somebody to change lightbulbs kicking in - i was so desperate to make this simple machine fire up (the filtration system runs on batteries) that i would commandeer anyone that came over to try and make it work -after reducing my own sister to tears i figured i was actually right, it was defective so i took it back - and then i took it back again -and then i took it back one more time-
The third time i sat on the floor of NRU with the mgr and we did it 'together'
the humanity........Anyway, the trash can has these 2 giant clamps at the mouth that crimp the bag open and shut which would be pretty ingenious if it worked-but it doesn't-you would assume this clamp was also run by the elaborate 4 d battery system but it's actually manual and one of the arms is always stuck-so the mountain of diapers is always sitting there looking at you when you wrestle open the lid -problem #106 with this -the top third( i guess) of the unit weighs around 8 lbs and it sits on you know, your regular, flimsy 1lb rubbermaid-esque shell
so when you have to detach it or change the bag, it's totally unwieldy. One of the major selling points of this thing is that you can use everyday trashbags as your liners which would be really great if this thing wasn't such a piece of crap. Again, another heartbreaking baby gift because i know my 2 friends that had to venture inside NRU to buy it for us were terrified and it was a real sacrifice for them to go in there and it drove them to drink that day. Ironically, this trash can is going in the trash can and we'll get a Diaper Genie like everyone else.


  1. tim, get a diaper champ. uses normal bags and is dummy proof (no offense).

    i think you can even order online from NRU :)

  2. maybe i would've been interested in your baby trash can if it was a diaper chief or a diaper ace or even a diaper tiger-but no way am i buying something called a diaper champ. And there is no tim, here.

  3. hahaha, I love the blogs about poop. Brings back such sweet memories. After 3 kids and only owning a diaper genie for 2 days, I have to say the only effective way to keep stink out of your house is to take each and every diaper out to the trash that is staged at the street. We filled up our diaper genie (with infant Erin's diapers), that was defective only because Wes couldn't set it up right, and he unloaded the first sausage link, snake thing and dripped baby poop and pee juice all the way through the house, out the garage and to the street. He had it cleaned and packed up and returned shortly after this fiasco. I think we had to pay an emergency fee to Dalworth to clean up the mess. Ahhh, it's so fun and if we told you all these things, you wouldn't be having the fun we did. Right?

  4. We've had no problems with the Diaper Genie 2--haven't noticed any smells (though it does live next to a litter box, and she is still in the nice fairly stink-free infant poop stage). I would recommend it.

  5. Oh, what I wouldn't give to have witnessed you sitting on the cold floor of "NRU" trying to figure that contraption out. Hilarious.

  6. This is what God made plastic grocery bags for. insert diaper... give the bag a twist... wrap the excess plastic back around... give 'er another twist. If necessary double-bag. Diaper-Genie's only make you accumulate way too many diapers in one place.