Friday, October 23, 2009

the office vs 30 rock

i know we're early into this year's tv season but the office is CLEARLY kicking 30 rock's ass up and down the field. If there ever was doubt as to the superior being, the office has already stepped in and asserted its dominance in all areas. i watched both last night (it's such a special night now when you can't go out anymore) and the writing, acting (or overacting as 30 rock's case may be) and just overall general tone is just better at the office. Don't get me wrong i loves me some 30 rock but it just seems so in love with itself that it makes me embarrassed for them all. i know tina fey basks in the smell of her own poop and she should, she's amazing -i also admit to lingering over a toilet bowel of my own every now and then. but it's really coming across on screen now -I GET IT -YOU'RE FUNNY- YOU'RE CLEVER- YOU WRITE AMUSING SCREENPLAYS - YOU'VE ALL WON EMMYS-YOU'RE ADORABLE-YOU HANG OUT WITH THE PRESIDENT- I GET IT- now just kinda dial that down a notch and make us laugh like last year-

the office should be truly savored as probably the last great comedy television will be allowed to make- i think i can safely make this dire prediction with nbc giving hilarious jay leno a prime time slot 5 nights a week now-even pam and jim shacking up and then getting married hasn't slowed it down a bit- michael asking last night why didn't he deserve happiness? i mean if you watch the show it's obvious why he doesn't but he is still just a human being - it was just so incredibly sad and that's where that show always gets me- there's always a vicious upper cut to an already uncomfortable squirmy moment -there have been hundreds of them and man it's just so smart and entertaining -JUST LIKE JAY LENO-the characters seem so real to me that i talk to them while on screen -this reminds me of a true story that i must share...

my sister was in new york and spied a 'friend' of hers. he was on his phone and he walks past and she says 'hey!' he looks and nods and keeps going, picking up the pace-she assumes she wasn't heard so she slaps him on the back and yells 'uh HEY' where he proceeds to turn around and he flashes an irritated 'i heard you' smile and briskly heads off into the distance-she then physically grabs his shoulder and spins him around and says 'HEY IT'S ME' to where my wife who is with her realizes it's a cast member from ER- a show they of course watched religiously. my wife screams in slow motion NOOOOOOOOOOOOO to where they both collapse on the ground laughing- the ER actor runs away for good this time -no charges filed

wait where was i? -oh, 30 rock makes me feel like i'm watching an adult juno sometimes which is not good -the office consistently makes me feel itchy and sad which as it turns out, is greatness-the end


  1. More toilet discussion please!

  2. i don't respond to people that don't officially follow this blog
    except to tell them the above information

  3. You just earned cool points for including The Office in your blog. Love that show... it definitely trumps 30 Rock.

  4. But the UK Office triumphs all!